Taylor Swift testified in court this week against a radio DJ who allegedly groped her "bare ass" at a meet-n-greet during a Colorado tour stop.

The DJ is suing her for $3 million, claiming she ruined his image and got him fired from the radio station he worked for. She's counter-suing for $1 to stand up for herself and other women who have been sexually assaulted. 

While on the stand she gets pretty savage! Check out these quotes:

Taylor wasn't taking any crap! This girl came in for a purpose and she stood strong!! Go Girl!

I find it very hard to believe, with all Taylor Swift has to do in life, she'd make up some crazy story about a random nothing radio DJ. Then waste her time testifying about it in court. this guy is a piece of crap and gives men a bad name! 

I've met Taylor twice and she's been nothing but sweet and genuine. He mother even gave us a backstage tour and she sent us a hand written note. She is a class act all the way around!