Manager Fired Over "Heartless" Texts Regarding Employee's Son's Illness

photo via Crystal Reynolds on Facebook

People are fuming over one manager's reaction to the news that one of her employee's son was being put on life support.

So of course she had to call out from work. 

Crystal Reynolds-Fisher had to take her 18-year-old son to the hospital where things soon took a turn for the worst. She ultimately wasn't allowed back in the room to see her son. They believed her son had a type of sepsis, as was in a life-threatening condition.

When Crystal contacted her manager, Dawn, to tell her about the situation and that she wasn't going to be able to come into work at PS Food Mart, the following conversation took place:

Crystal, in compete shock over how Dawn responded to the situation, posted the conversation to Facebook. 


When the owners of the grocery chain caught wind of the situation, they immediately let Dawn go and posted this statement to Facebook:


Good riddance!

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