This Drake Lyric Is Blowing Everybody's Minds

For the past four months or so, everyone has been screaming a line from Drake's latest single "God's Plan"!

And who wouldn't? It's simple, yet iconic. 


Same, Drake. Same. 

HOWEVER.... that's apparently not what he was saying at all, according to some crafty fans. 


It was revealed last month that Drake had a newborn son with an adult film star who goes by the name Sophie Knows Best. We soon learned that the baby's first name is Adonis. 

This was all dropped like a bomb by rapper Pusha T in a rap beef between the two lyricists. 

Apparently, Drake was planning on announcing the child on his Scorpion double album, which dropped this past Friday. 

Now they we have more information on Drake's heir, we think his middle name is Mahbed...

So basically everyone's been screaming that they, too, only love Drake's son and their mothers. Which is still pretty great!

BUT... there's still speculation regarding this nugget of knowledge. We haven't gotten any confirmation from Drizzy regarding either names. So everyone's just out here having fun with the theory. 


Do you think he's talking about his son? Or do we all need to get lives of our own? 


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Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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