You'll Never Guess Who Just Offered Drake's Alleged Baby Mama A Job

The mother of Drake's alleged illegitimate son was just offered a job so she could take care of him.

This all blew up when Pusha T dropped a Drizzy diss track earlier this week claiming that the emcee has a son by a former porn star that goes by the social media handle @SophieKnowsBest. 

Pusha alleges that Drake's been keeping both the son and the baby mama hidden for over a year.

Listen to "The Story of Adidon" below:


Since then, sooooo many things have happened.

Drake released a statement regarding the cover photo for Pusha's diss track, which features the former actor in blackface. 


This has been an ongoing battle for the past couple of weeks!

Now it looks as if all focus has shifted from the feuding rappers to Sophie Knows Best and Drake's son, Adonis. Where is she? Is the kid really his? What's going on?


While no one knows for sure at the moment, a porn company has taken it upon themselves to offer Sophie a job so that she can take care of her son and not have to rely on alleged deadbeat dad Drake!

"Searches for porn star Rosee Divine surged over 2700% after the one-time Drake paramour and alleged babymama was outed by Pusha-T in a new dis track," the website's Vice President Alex Hawkins wrote in a blog post. "We're reaching out to her to see if she'd be interested in serving as xHamster official spokesmodel. Since we don't know if Drake will be paying related support, we'd love to do what we can to help support her."

Think she'll take them up on it?

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Source: Complex

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