Has your relationship lost some of that "frisky feeling?"

New research shows that nearly a third of women and 15% of men lack the desire to hook it up regularly.

Apparently there are a number of easy lifestyle tweaks you can make to ramp-up your drive to hook-up...here are several scientifically proven things you can do, courtesy of Time:

◦Plan more date nights.
◦Divide household chores equally.
◦Schedule hook-ups on your to-do list.
◦De-stress before sex with a bath or a good book.
◦Follow a heart-healthy diet.
◦Eat scientifically proven aphrodisiacs like almonds, strawberries and avocados.
◦Do something new & different together, like going for a hike or taking a cooking class.
◦Exercise often.
◦Make your bedroom a kid-free, pet-free zone.