Sooo what's the perfect time of day to do, well, just about anything & everything? Mental Floss has come up with the best times of day to undertake various tasks, plus the scientific explanation for why:

◦7.a.m. Make a baby. Some studies say men can be more - ahem - "productive" in the morning.

◦8:30 a.m. Decide something. Researchers have found we make our best decisions right after we wake up.

◦9:30 a.m. Update your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Many people check their favorite websites before 10 a.m.

◦10 a.m. Take an aspirin. Mornings, particularly Mondays, are the most common times for both migraines and heart attacks.

◦11 a.m. Send an email. Analysis of more than 200 million emails found that people are most likely to read their mail shortly before their lunch break.

◦1 p.m. Watch a funny video. Exhaustive analysis has shown that "the national mood" is lowest at 1 p.m., so cheer yourself up!

◦2 p.m. Take a power nap. At around 2p, your body temperature starts to drop the same way it does at night, and researchers have found that a 10-minute power nap is the most effective way of combating a mid-afternoon slump.

◦4:30 p.m. Clean the house. It's best to clean when your hand-eye coordination is highest, which is between 4 and 5 p.m.

◦5 p.m. Get some exercise. Your body temperature is highest from 5 to 6 p.m. The heat increases your stamina & strength, making your workouts more effective.

◦9 p.m. Sell something on eBay. According to the site's experts, the best time to end an auction is 9 p.m.

◦10 p.m. Solve your life problems. Difficult problems require creative thinking, and studies show that people do their most abstract thinking when they are tired.

Now you know...good luck!