On their new single, DNCE sings about "Kissing Strangers," so to celebrate their funky new single, they brought their song to the people of New York City with a kissing booth -- but with a twist.

The day they released "Kissing Strangers" (April 14), which features Nicki Minaj, DNCE's Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle, and Jack Lawless hung out in NYC's Central Park with a Kissing Booth. But instead of strangers and fans went in for the kiss, the band had a surprise for everyone ... PUPPIES.

DNCE brought some very adorable furry, four-legged friends along with them for their kissing booth, from the North Shore Animal League America, for some puppy kisses that will give you all the feels.

Among these super cute pups was a canine celebrity -- NOODLE. Noodle is a native NYC 8-year-old adopted pug who has amassed quite the following on Instagram. Seriously, as you scroll through IG, this pup will give you life.


"Kissing Strangers" is DNCE's first new material since the band released their 2016 self-titled full-length album. It's known yet known if their new single is part of a sophomore album or new EP, but the band doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. To help promote their new single, the band has also created a "Kissing Strangers" Starter Kit, which includes all of this:

Watch DNCE surprise the people of NYC with their puppy kisses and kissing booth above! 

Photos: Rachel Kaplan