Kat Graham has a lot of talents.  You may know her for her role as Bonnie Bennett on the CW series The Vampire Diaries.  She can also sing and dance.  Her EP Against the Wall was released earlier this year and features the single Put Your Graffiti On Me.

Kat has quite a background.  She was born in Geneva, Switzerland and appeared in numerous commercials and television shows as a child.  That continued throughout her teenage years while she added music to her repertoire.  Over the years, Kat has appeared in shows like Lizzy McGuire, Malcolm in the Middle, The OC, and Hannah Montana.  Her commercial credits include Barbie, K-Mart, and Fanta.

She also speaks four languages.  No big deal.

Check out Kat's performance in the videos below and see photos here.

Wanna Say


Put Your Graffiti On Me