Each week, two upcoming Friday games will be posted online, and you'll choose where we go! 

That’s right!  WSOC-TV and Channel 96.1 are partying at YOUR school!

VOTE NOW for the next Game of the Week!

The winner of the Game of the Week vote will be announced Wednesday (August 20th).

If chosen as the winning match-up for Game of the Week:

  • The two teams will be featured on High School Football Extra Friday night (August 20th) starting at 11:35 p.m. on Channel 9 and highlighted on wsoctv.com throughout the week following the game.

  • A $500 donation will be made to the home school on behalf of Morris Jenkins and Channel 9.

  • The WSOC-TV production team along with Channel 96.1 and other sponsors will be on hand at the game to hang with the fans.

Please alert your family, friends, co-workers, anybody you wish and to help your team vote.

Be sure to share the link (hsfootballextra.com) on your school’s Facebook and Twitter accounts!