The winner of the Game of the Week vote will be announced Wednesday (August 28).

 If chosen as the winning matchup for Game of the Week:

  • The two teams will be featured on High School Football Extra Friday night (August 30) starting at 11:35 p.m. on Channel 9 and highlighted on throughout the week following the game.
  • Channel 96-1, a team from WSOC-TV and other sponsors will be on hand at the game to hang with the fans.
  • Sponsors will be handing out free souvenirs to fans at the game.

If you are the host of the winning matchup, a representative from Channel 9 will contact your A.D. with more details.

Please alert your family, friends, co-workers, anybody you wish and to help your team vote. 
Please share the link ( on your school’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.