Taylor Swift released Red last year and is now thinking about her next album.  The country/pop superstar told Rolling Stone that she has started the songwriting process and, "The floodgates just opened the last couple weeks."

Swift goes on to say that she is looking to work with a lot of different people.  That includes former collaborators and a few new people.  She explains, "I also have a really long list of the people I admire and I would really love to go and contact."

Red, released in October 22, sold over 1 million copies in it's first week of release and has sold close to 6 million copies worldwide.  But, Taylor Swift does not want to repeat it.  She says, "I think that the idea of having a different approach to every single one of my albums is so exciting to me. I never want to make the same record twice...If you're willing to become a different version of yourself, you can really go anywhere with it."