Mumford & Sons considered cancelling their entire summer tour after Ted Dwane's brain surgery.  But, the band went ahead and took the stage at the Glastonbury Festival in England less than three weeks after Dwane's operation.

Marcus Mumford says the band refused to play without their bassist.  He tells NME, "Everything was on the cards and everything is less important than Ted so we were ready to cancel the rest of the summer, definitely. And we wouldn't play a gig without him - it's four of us, or it's none of us."

Mumford says that Dwane was eager to get back to performing as soon as he was out of the hospital.  But, the other members of Mumford & Sons had to convince him to rest.

Dwane repeats Mumford's thoughts about his desire to play.  He wanted to perform because he felt immediately better after the surgery fixed the clot on the surface of his brain.  Dwane says, "I came out of the operating room I felt, comparatively, a million dollars...These guys very wisely said, 'Maybe not.'"