Mike Posner stopped by the Channel 96-1 Studio to talk with Reid about his new single "The Way It Used to Be" and his love for all the North Carolina Fans from the Triangle. Posner discusses honing his craft in his Duke University dorm all while graduating with a 3.59 GPA.  The start up environment helped push him to do his own thing as Posner states:

"The environment at Duke was really inspiring. I'd go walk down my dorm hallways and I'd see kids that were starting their own businesses and they'd be telling me all about it. I'd be jealous. These kids were about to make a million dollars. I need to go do something. The only thing I was really good at was music, so I just did it."

Since his time at Duke, he's collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music business and has a new album titled "Pages" coming out later in 2013. You can catch him on tour now with Ke$ha in a town near year. As a UNC grad, Reid tested out Posner's knowledge of UNC and Duke basketball stars. Check out the interview and his new video "The Way It Used To Be" below:

Here is the Dunk that Reid was referencing in the interview at Cameron Indoor Stadium