When Tamyra Gray was eliminated from the first season of American Idol, fans and critics were stunned.  But, that shock pales in comparison to the bombshell she dropped on Ace & TJ.

Tamyra has multiple sclerosis.

She is also allergic to the medication.

After American Idol and a short music and acting career, she says she went into a horrible downward spiral.  Tamyra explains:

"I put myself into this horrible downward spiral, which is actually what made my illness manifest.  Apparently, I've had it since I was 15.  But, when I went into this downward spiral, I actually created in myself writer's block.  So, I couldn't write.  I no longer felt validated in myself."

She went on to say that she, "gave up on music."  She wouldn't even listen to it.

But, that's all changed in the past year.  Writer's block is over.  She's writing songs and books.  She's listening to new music and she's inspired.  Gray says she is able to keep the MS in check as long as she keeps stress under control.

Listen to the conversation here.