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DAY 7: 

The Misfits finally made it to Los Angeles!  We found out on the More Show at 7 p.m. Weds. night that Riggins has a little bit of a crush on Christeenie... or so TJ says.  

So, Riggins... what's up?

TJ also gave them a task to complete before they could even come home.

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DAY 6:

Things have calmed down around the Misfits today. The group woke up in Kingsman, AZ, about an hour out of Vegas.  They plan to hit the strip today and try their hand at Craps to see if they can increase their $100 a bit.

Lindsay has taken a few personal days and has invited Cubby to join the Ace & TJ Show in her place until she's back.

Christeeny is going to work her magic in Vegas, though she hasn't played Craps in a few years.

DAY 5:

As we check in with the Misfits in Flagstaff, things once again got a bit heated in the studio. 

We replayed what happened on More Show on Monday to catch the audience up and it got Lindsay and Riggins back to where they were.  Yes, Riggins apologized for calling Lindsay a B, but when asked if she accepted the apology, she just needed some time.

Voices were raised, emotions were stirred and Lindsay ended up leaving the studio. 

The Misfits are only 400-some miles from Los Angeles and may make it to their destination today. 

Listen to the show here:

DAY 4:

WELL.... things have taken a turn. 

We learned Monday morning that the Misfits all believed if they got to LA quick, they could get their money and just party for a few days.  That's not how this works.

Riggins and the Misfits made it to the border of Arizona this morning and called into The Ace & TJ Show with a proposition: how about Vegas instead? Then they can party for a few days and come back. 

Unfortunately, that's not how this works.  

Tensions flared.  Voices were raised.  Things are weird.  People are turning on each other. 

Here's the infamous clip...

As everyone cooled down and the trip continued, The Misfits stopped at a truck stop in Arizona to get some lunch and things got a little explosive.  Literally.

A gas tank exploded as they sat down.  Here's them talking about it.

A little hiccup

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We're checking out part of the Painted Desert in Arizona. Breathtaking.

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DAY 3:

Seems Walmart is the choice for the Misfits trip this year.  They stopped there in Oklahoma City and tried to get some help from strangers to get them a place to stay and some food.

We're at Walmart in Oklahoma City

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 DAY 2:

The Misfits woke up Saturday in Paris, TN and headed to the local Walmart, asking for help from the Ace & TJ family to make some money.


We're at Walmart in Paris, TN!

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After scrounging for food and money at Walmart, the Misfits were able to snag some lunch at Sadler's Classic Bar in Union City, TN... but not before handling some karaoke action.

The Misfits karaoke at lunch... Sadler's Classic Bar in Union City, TN!

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Delivery Don does karaoke!!

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DAY 1:

Watch the Misfits spin the wheel to find out where they're going.

Where are the Misfits going this year?! Let's find out!

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Day 1 saw the Misfits kicking off from The Ace & TJ home market in Charlotte and making their way to Los Angeles.

They made crazy milage and hit Tennessee before the day was over, taking a stop in Paris, TN. 

day 1