It is officially time to introduce the 2012 Misfits road to Miami crew! We've assembled an awesome crew with some interesting quirks. As always, we'll be updating this blog live from the road. You can catch the daily updates each day on The Ace & TJ Show at 7:20am and 8:20am. Yankee Pete will be doing his Live Road Reports at 11:40am, 2:40pm, 5:50pm, and 7:40pm. Check this page often for updates, follow all the action on Twitter @acetjmisfits or stream the station live via iHeartRadio.

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Poll: Which Misfit do you think is going to be the most crazy on Ace & TJ's Misfits Road to Miami that starts on Monday morning at 7:20am EST
  Yankee Pete - Age 39 - Male
Experienced Misfit and Radio Personality
  Shel - Age 24 - Female
Radio Station 'Director of Calm' and co-driver
  Entertainer - Age 24 - Female
Wannabee Actress
  Anxious - Age 30 - Female
Has an anxiety disorder, but doctors don't know her "triggers"
  Medicated - Age 27 - Female
Bi-polar pneumonia sufferer
  Sheltered - Age 28 - Male
Hasn't left his state in over 5 years
  Lovely - Age 28 - Female
Model and Actress
  Strange - Age 24 - Male
Simply strange

The 2012 crew of the Misfits Road to Maimi: L-R Sheltered, Yankee Pete, Medicated, Shel, Lovely, Strange, and Entertainer.

Yankee Pete waves goodbye!