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The Misfits Road to Vegas is driven by Papa John's Pizza.

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Day 7 of the Misfits Road Trip began with an "eff that" wake-up call at 5 a.m. You could cut the tension with a knife after the b**** fit that had occurred between 1-900 Traci and I. Drugless Danae decided to step up and be the peacemaker...our Misfit Ghandi, if you will. She told all of us that we should just move on, set all the drama aside, and get back on track to what this trip was really about: getting our a**** to Vegas for the iHeart Radio Music Festival. After her speech, 1-900 Traci and I agreed it was best to just "hug it out b****" and act like it had never happened.

We hit the road after the boys were done washing our laundry at the nearby LaundryMat.  Yes...the boys did our laundry. No...I did not get a picture because I was too busy doing what princesses do, getting my beauty rest. Our first misfit stop for the day was the Grand Canyon. We were a bit hobo-blindsided when we arrived and learned that it would cost us $25 for an entrance fee, plus $8 per person in the limo. Now, we misfits aren't math geniuses here, but we know that 25 + (8*9) = ahhwwwl hellll nahhh.

But, it was the friken Grand Canyon, and when there's a will, there's a way. We talked the park ranger into waving the $25 fee and the cost of our limo drivers' entry fees and decided that, although it would leave us with very little remaining funds, it would be worth it. And boy, was it! Several of the misfits had never seen the Grand Canyon and were in majestic awe of it all. Ironically, something about the Great Divide brought unity among the misfits, and 1-900 Traci and I even posed for a picture together.

When we headed back to the car, we noticed a giant elk standing right next to the back right door of the limo. It was eating a crap-ton of grass, so I slowly crept up in my maxi dress like I was friken Crocodile Dundee and snapped pictures. And one point, I got too close and the elk immediately stopped eating, swung its head around, and stared me in the eyes with a terrifying "We bought to do this?" look. I quickly retreated to the limo, and we were ready to hit the road again once Bro Greg was done with his elk selfies.

Our next stop was the Hoover Dam. Could this day get any more bad a** for the misfits?  We especially loved this stop because we didn't have to pay for anything. However, there's always a catch, and upon arriving at the entrance our limo was searched by Hoover Dam police security. Luckily, Bro Greg had hidden all of his drugs in his high socks, so we were good. **Just kidding.** After a few awesome photo ops, we headed on to our final destination... VEGAS BABY!

Our first stop in Vegas, of course, was Papa John's. We posed for a picture with their super laid back general manager, Kasey. As "2...3...cheese," was being said, Kasey held his cigarette in one hand and chucked up the dueces in another, so he clearly looked like the coolest person in the photo. Ace had decided he wants to blow the picture up and hang it in his office. Before we left, Kasey hooked us up with some delicious wings, pizza, and cinnamon bread, thanks again Papa John's!

Bro Greg got us the hookup to stay at the Hooter's hotel. You heard me right people. HO-tel.., not MO-tel. This princess was in utter jubilation. Your towels were actually brought up to your room...and they weren't brown! The room smelled like roses...not a crime scene! There were hallways...enclosed from the outside by walls! There was even a friken makeup vanity with two mirrors! Folks...we have arrived!!!


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