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Day 6 of the misfits road trip began with a hellacious 5 o'clock wake up call. The shoebox of a bathroom at our motel had a shower tub that made a high-pitched eerie squeal--like the sound of a hidden bookshelf cranking around in an episode of Scooby Doo (yeah, you know the one). The luxuries continued as we learned that, thanks to the clogged drain, you could take a shower and bath at the same time.

1-900 Traci went on the radio and called out me and Danae as "princesses that don't participate." Well that don't fly with me, so when I went on the radio I defended Danae and I. Going back to the room, Traci laughed and said, "Carly, you can't think I was serious when I said that? You know I was joking right?" I told her I didn't think she was joking and I took offense to her insulting my work ethic. "Well, I mean, you just choose not to participate in some of the things we do," she said. I asked her like what, and she chose to reference Hooters, my own idea to stop at, where I cleaned off table tops and chair tops like the manager assigned me. Well that shut her up pretty quick, and we all left the hotel and headed to Clear Channel Media to pick up cigarette butts in the outdoor break area for cash.

I made sure that I was the last one picking up every disgusting cigarette (despite my pretty nails) because I knew Traci thought I didn't help out enough, and I wanted to prove her wrong. After Clear Channel, we went to The Candy Lady shop where Breaking Bad fake crystal meth (rock candy) is made, cleaned some shelves, and moseyed on along to the Rattlesnake Museum. When we got there, Bob the Snake Wrangler, offered us the odd job of helping him save a rattlesnake from chicken wire. See, we were thinkin more like sweep the floors or dust the countertops sorta of thing, but if the misfits need to be reptile rescuers for money and sick video, reptile rescuers we shall be. Traci decided to make things awkward by asking Bob Snake Wrangler man if she could ride in his car with him, "Because I'm about to lose my mind and hit these b****** in this limo." We gladly let her go, and like girls will do, talked smack about her all the way there--because that came out of friken nowhere.

Ace took the lead of rescuing the snake with Bad-A** Bob, while the rest of the misfits stood around snapping photo and video like we were on the red carpet at the Oscar's. I captured some sick video of it, layered some super dramatic music on top of it, and bada-bing-bada-boom, academy award motion picture. We got paid for our immense bravery and headed toward Flagstaff, Arizona.

Along the way, I called about 15 hotels to see if we could book any deals with them. I lucked out when I found a HoJo that offered three rooms for a little over $100. Yes, it was another motel...yes, it had a few broken windows in the room and a certain 'someone either died here or did something really dirty here' smell to it...but it was a place for us hobos to rest our heads.

Upon check-in, the hotel manager asked me for my I.D. It was out in my backpack in the trunk of the limo, so I ran out to get it. My backpack was crammed towards the back, so I opened the whole trunk instead of just the partial glass hatch. When I did, a bottle of soda that 1-900 Traci and Bro Greg bought immediately rolled out of the limo, hit the ground, and the lid busted off. Hardly any spilled out and the bottle was still usable. As I was apologizing for my mistake, Traci piped in and said, "Well most people would know better." I replied with, "I'm sorry I'm so stupid that I thought to get to my I.D. for the motel I found us tonight by opening the trunk, since I couldn't reach for it any other way." She once again biznitchely responded with, "Well most people would know better." I came back with, "Yeah? Well (expletive) you, Traci!" Not my most witty comeback, but hey, I was tired. Apparently she was too, because I got an echoed, "(Expletive) you, Carly!"

Needless to say, there is a cluster-eff of tension that is insanely palpable. This limo ride should be interesting. And by interesting, I mean dramatic. And by that I mean, there's about to be a...a girl fight.

P.S.- A big shout out to Papa John's of Flagstaff, Arizona for, once again, feeding us misfits some delicious pizza! We love you Papa John's!

Check out the show audio and listen to what happened today:

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