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Intern Carly's Blog Update from the Road

Misfits Road Trip Day Five

Day five of the misfits trip started off with a 6 a.m. wake up call from Ace beating the hell out of our door like it was a d*** bongo drum. Since we were up, we decided to enjoy the perks of the Red Roof Inn and get some complimentary mini waffles from the breakfast bar... a pleasant motel surprise perk for princess Carly. Once we all packed up and started loading the limo, we wandered around the hotel balcony until we noticed some shady construction workers eyeing our bags. "Oh mayyn...we didn't even know whose limo this was, and we were about to jack those bags until we saw you!" Naturally, we did the opposite of what any sane person would do and posed for pictures with the guys. As scary construction worker #1 was getting his hand a little too close to 1-900 and myself backside danger zone mid-picture, we quickly dismantled and hurried to the limo. "Ayy stop back on by here on your way back...we'll buy everyone drinks and barbecue." Thanks, but no thanks, handsy creeper man.

We stopped for lunch in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The lovely workers at Sonic donated 9 BLTs and 9 tots...and boy do us misfits love us some tots. After lunch, we scooted along and started the question game in the limo. The question, "Mountain house or beach house?," was thrown out there and Ace answered "beach house," but not before explaining why. "I've just always loved the beach because then I have my wife in a swimsuit but I like it when she wears hoop earrings and has her hair done or a backwards baseball hat on because that's cute as hell on women." *Silence.* Um...okay...a simple 'beach house' woulda done just fine...but thanks for that.

When we arrived in Albuquerque, the misfits had the brilliant idea of going to Smith's grocery store and seeing what we beggars could get. Lucky us, we got a $40 store credit...but the misfits were hungry for more. I came up with the idea, as much as I knew the misfit guys would resist it, that we should stop at Hooters and see if they would let us work for money. The girls cleaned off tables and chairs and the boys think they cleaned the bottom of bar stools but who the hell knows. They were a little distracted by the all the wings...and by wings I mean giant t!ts.

The misfits ate a delicious free dinner at Sadie's Mexican Restaurant. We were given glorious mountains of nachos with holy guacamole amounts of goodness. We hardly made a dent in them before we were ready to retreat to a ho-...I mean motel *sigh*. The misfits were tucked in and lights out by 10:00...weak sauce, I know. Onward to Vegas and day 6 we go!

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