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Intern Carly's Blog Update from the Road

Misfits Road Trip Day Four

Day 4 kicked off with everyone waking up on the right side of the bed because Bro Greg never came back from his date last night. It got even better when Bro Greg arrived back to the apartment with bags of breakfast for the rest of the misfits. Sure, Greg came with the breakfast sandwiches, but when you're a hobo you will endure almost anything if it comes with free food. Apparently the bro must have done something right to get his biznitch to buy all of us breakfast...although my bet is this broad is fit for a straight jacket, I mean, what sane chick wants the Bromance?

We left Suzie's apartment and headed on down the road to iQor, the company Whattaman Mike works for in Charleston. He was able to hook us up with work at the Dallas location where the misfits divided and conquered phone calls to employee applicants, organizing storage closets, unloading monitors, and driving empty boxes to the nearest dumpster. It was kind of a shock to the misfits because we weren't used to doing actual hard labor. So far, half-a**ing little jobs that could be done by someone with a fifth grade education was our normal comfort zone, so by 1:00 we were ready to punch the clock and get the hell outta there.

We drove on towards Amarillo, making several pit stops along the way. At one travel center in the middle of no where the boys struck out again in the bathroom. On day 2 they walked into a bathroom that was crime scened taped off like it had been the set for an episode of C.S.I. Today, they were actually able to use the urinals, but they did not have the luxury of the flush. Apparently there was a drought in that part of Texas and flushing your own piss would just set off an apocalyptic series of events in the the boys had to strictly follow the "if it's yellow, let it mellow" rule for the sake of the entire town.

Halfway to Amarillo, the misfits ran into a storm of epic proportions in the middle of flatland nowhere Texas. I told Ace that this is where they filmed Twister and he actual believed me for a second. Hah, silly gullible Gingers. As it was down pouring for the next 100 miles, the misfit guys reflected on the travel center's urinals and wondered if the visitors that were there at that moment had the luxury of the flush. We shall never know.

The misfits arrived in Amarillo and ate at Logan's Roadhouse again. Thanks to the coupons that 1-900 Traci scored us in West Monroe, we were able to knock $40 off our total. After dinner, we considered having a big pimpin night where we blew money on a hotel (not a motel) that didn't smell like mold and bad decisions. However, we decided against it and settled for the Red Roof Inn (motel) that was definitely a step up from the Motel 7, but not nice enough to rest assured that the sheets had been washed and think "that's definitely not a bug crawling up my leg."

But on the bright side, the misfits get a complimentary breakfast in the morning... yay for waffles and unlimited OJ, hayy. Time to catch some shut eye! Another day of survival for the misfits. On to day 5 tomorrow!

P.S.- Ace farted as we got out of the car at the Red Roof Inn. It was a little poot and he tried to pretend like it didn't happen, but who is that ginger kidding? We all heard it. It was gross and feminine. The end.

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