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The Misfits Road to Vegas is driven by Papa John's Pizza.

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Intern Carly's Blog Update from the Road

Misfits Road Trip Day Three

Day 3 kicked off with our much anticipated stop in West Monroe, Louisiana at the Duck Commander headquarters. When we rolled up in our big pimpin limo, every tourist turned to stare and creep up to the windows. They were largely disappointed when they realized we were not the mighty duckmen, just the misfits. Of course, Duck Commander was closed on Sunday, but we did manage to get some pictures that made the detour well worth it.

From there, we headed on to Texas. Since it was close to lunch time, we decided to stop at the nearest Papa John's and beg for some pizzas. Thanks to the wonderful people at the Papa John's in Longview, TX, we made out with 4 pizzas. We were all deciding what two toppings to put on each of them, but Bro Greg decided that he needed to make the call on what was on the last pizza by himself...because he's special. Frat stars and their egos. Bro Greg decided to sit the pizzas in my seat as we posed for pictures outside. Five minutes later I got back in the limo and my ass was on fire and the limo felt like a giant sauna from all the pizza steam. Nothing like a mobile sauna that smells like pizza in 95 degree Texas. After lunch, with the help of the Ace & TJ radio family, we decided to stop off at a Texas gas station and blow $200 on scratch offs. We made out with $114, only a $86 loss, so it was a much better outcome than any of the misfits expected.

As we drove on to Dallas, I was awoken by a "Hey guys, check it out," and then to a snapchat of a single boob near my face. Bro Greg had just gotten the snapchat from one of his sloot friends from home and now I'm grossed out and cranky from being titty-bombed during a nap. But Bro Greg was more than pleased, giddy and laughing like it was the first boob he'd ever seen anxious to see if the other boob would be just as cool.

We arrived at Pokey O's Ice Cream and Cookies in Dallas right around 5:30. Thanks to the wonderful owner, Cathy, the misfits were given complimentary ice cream and cookies. We folded boxes for her and we were offered a placed to stay by her super sweet daughter, Suzie. Well I felt like the bloody queen of England in this apartment. It was decorated beautifully, with a gorgeous balcony, huge bathroom, and an awesome pool in the courtyard. We cooked out burgers and crashed in every nook and cranny in the apartment...well most of us did anyway. Bro Greg reconnected with an ex-girlfriend that lives in Dallas and booty called him. Lucky for us misfits, that meant more space and no Bro for the night.

Hoping Bro rekindles this lost romance of his and runs off with his ex-girlfriend. I think the misfits could carry on just fine without him and the Hawaiian shirts missing. On to day 4 we go!

Pictures from Day 3 of Ace & TJ's Misfits Road to Vegas

"It's getting hot in take off your ice cream sandwich." Whattaman Mike working hard for that dolla #acetjmisfits #iheartradio #smu #pokeyos"

"Ahhh!!! Coolest road trip stop everrrr!!! Check out the misfits first stop of day 3! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY INDEED! #acetjmisfits #iheartradio #quackquack #happyhappyhappyindeed @theacetjshow @channel961"

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