The second day has been eventful! The Misfits are cleaning up garages and taking any free food they can get. They've raised some money but just enough to get them fueled up. We'll have more updates as we get them!

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The Misfits Road to Vegas is driven by Papa John's Pizza.

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UPDATE: The Misfits made it to West Monroe, Louisana home of Duck Dynasty! We'll have the full blog report from Intern Carly soon but check out the day in photos. (Click on the image below to open up the photo gallery)

Update: Intern Carly's Blog Update from the Road

Misfits Road Trip Day Two

Day two of the misfits trip kicked off in Hueytown, Alabama where the misfits worked hard for the money at Zoe Salon. We Windexed mirrors, swept up strangers' hair, cleaned the bathroom, wiped the countertops, and of course, some even got their Chaz Dean on as rookie hairdressers. Whattaman Mike worked as a blow dryist, on account of the fact that all the women in the salon were gaga googly eyes over him and it's much easier to get your creep stare on when the guy is focused on the top of your head and your split ends.

After working up an appetite at the salon, the misfits grubbed out at the famous Speedy's Mexican Foods next door. After some amazing taco salads, some photo ops, and a few "your bust is nice" compliments from limo driver Erik to the owner of Speedy's, we hit the road...but not before making a slight backtrack to the house we stayed in the night before because I accidentally left my super cute sunglasses. The misfits took a vote and decided the gas we would use was worth not having to hear me talk about how devastated I was that I lost my $12 oober cute Forever 21 shades.

Shaded and happy, we got on the road again and stopped for gas. At a shopping center we saw the most amazing business: a pizza and tanning salon. "A Slice of Sun" had a logo of a sun with half the rays as yellow triangles and the other half as pizza slices. As we pondered what the aroma of burnt flesh and burnt cheese smelled like, I thought of how much I wanted to meet the guy/gal with the American dream of opening this place. I bet they could join this road trip and fit right in with the rest of the bunch.

At our next pit stop, I got to witness something I had only ever seen on cable. A lot lizard at a truck stop picked up a guy chilling in the gas station. The lad was chilling by the "Hot n' Delicious" chicken cart and the lot fox walked right up to him...gave him the 'sup' head nod...and they walked right past me and out to the sketchy van behind the dumpster. After that moment, I felt more culturally rounded than ever before...who knew this trip would be so enlightening?

Once we left the truck stop, the misfits made the executive group decision to detour to West Monroe, Louisiana to see the Duck Commander headquarters. If there was any shot at all of meeting the Mighty Duckmen, then it was worth every dime we had.

We got to West Monroe around 9:00 and decided to spend money on the oh so regal Motel 6 because Ace said they are usually super clean. Well either Ace has never stayed at a Motel 6 or we got the misfit of a Motel 6. The toilet seats had cigarette butt stains. Our towels had questionable brown stains on them that I had to convince myself was only makeup. We also uncovered mysterious oober legged bugs on the countertops that looked like they could be on Discovery Channel. Our suspicions were perhaps confirmed when Whattaman Mike woke up with a plethora of bites on his arm and back. This is why I stay in hotels, not motels. Next time we stop for shelter...Ace ain't picking our crash pad...and we are going with the hoes, not the moes.

Onward to the Duck Commander Headquarters! Happy happy happy, indeed!

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