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Day One of Misfits Road Trip to Vegas 2013

11:00 A.M.

And so it begins! The hobo-ing of a road trip known as The Misfits Road Trip to Vegas has commenced. Somehow it just seems wrong that we appear to be big-pimpin in this stretch limo...yet we have no cash flow. Last time I checked, limos were glamorous rich-people rides, filled with champagne and P. Diddy popping bottles, making it rain. Well there's no Puff Daddy or hundo dollar bills flying around this limo...but we have Bro Greg on the hunt for Sugar Mammas via social media, and lucky us, he ain't too proud to beg. But until Bro Greg catches those beautiful butterflies, the rest of us are hitting up Twitter and Facebook for handouts.

11:45 A.M.

First stop, Ruby Tuesdays in Greenville, South Carolina hooked us up with a free lunch. 1-900 Traci even convinced two dudes leaving the place to donate $24 to our hobo cause. Ahh the perks of having a telephone sex operator misfit...a woman that knows how to use her words for money. From there, we went to Spike's After School in Simpsonville for kiddy patrol. Whattaman Mike immediately went into dreamboat dad mode and taught some of the youngins how to throw a spiral. The rest of the misfits worked the concession stand...proudly restraining from hustling and upcharging 5-year olds for popsicles (as tempting as it was), so it's nice to see we still have our moral compass intact. Ace was busy signing autographs for 7-year-old girls like he was some sort of ginger Justin Bieber.

3:00 P.M.

After Ace developed a wrist cramp from signing so many autographs for kids who had no idea who he was, we moved onward and downward to Georgia, $500 richer thanks to the generosity of Spike. However, my emotions quickly changed when I found out us misfits would be unable to take a cheesy Georgia state line picture because the sign was on a stupid bridge. We figured our next best bet to find a "Welcome to Georgia...Ain't it Peachy?" sort of sign would be the Visitor's Center. Unfortunately, we came to a misfit gender standoff when we realized that the only welcome signs were in the men's and women's restrooms--and it just ain't right to scrapbook any picture that's taken where traveling folks drop their deuces, so we went Georgia picture-less. We considered begging some visitors for money, but we quickly realized that everyone in the place was a senior citizen and it would just be wrong. You can't beg grandma and grandpa for money when they've already been suckered into pinching their Colonial Penn pennies thanks to Alex Trebek. We decided instead to press our luck with scratch offs...which soon turned into a loss of $20 and a lot groddy misfit fingernails.

4:45 P.M.

On the misfit next pit stop, wouldn't you know it, 1-900 Traci got the misfits ANOTHER handout. All we had to do was pick up trash around a McDonald's in exchange for nine cheeseburgers. As if the misfits nails weren't gross enough before. But after a quick lap around the building and bonding like the way I imagine convicts cleaning up garbage on the side of a highway bond, we left Mickey D's with a bag full of burgers. The next stop was the Wal-Mart in Moody where several radio family members stopped by to donate money and supplies. One super fan of the show was this adorable little 8-year-old that ran up to hug Ace like he had just found his long lost ginger father. Needless to say, the hug threw Ace off a little, since no normal human being actual wants to embrace a ginger. After the Kodak moment, Ace quickly moved on to more important things, like opening a donated cooler full of beers.

9:45 P.M-8:00 A.M.

We crashed for the night with radio show superfan KC and her partner, Abbie. We met their daughter, Hannah, and Abbie's mom, Dottie. In addition, we were introduced to their four dogs, their aquarium of fish, and Hannah's oh so cuddly corn snake, Nakuto. Since the misfits were all exhausted from being hobos, we quickly got ready for bed. I noticed one of the dogs dragging his a** across one of covers on the cots, so I chose to silently retreat and overcome my fear of snakes by rooming with Nakuto instead. Well, like their many pets, karma is a b****, and I woke up with a crusted closed eye and a furball of dog hair in my mouth, quickly realizing I had cuddled up with one of the dog's covers. But some misfits woke up on the right side of the bed. Limo driver Erik awoke (from what I'm sure was a lovely dream) to the licks of our hosts' Chihuahua up his leg. Once we were all up, it was time to get to work and clean out KC and Abbie's garage. A lot of trash and two hours later, we were rewarded with cash and Krispy Kreme donuts...compensation at its finest.

On to day two of the misfits madness!!

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