New Politics is rising quickly in music right now, as they are currently touring with 30 Seconds to Mars and have a planned future tour with Pink. Two of the three members are originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, and just moved to the states a year ago.

The guys are no strangers to break dancing- a recent promo for an appearance on Conan O’Brien featured someone break dancing with the show host’s head. Check out their performance on Conan O'Brien here. New Politics arguably had some of the best moves at Weenie Roast, and it’s apparent they enjoy entertaining the crowd. 

“Our show isn’t a show without a little bit of dancing. We’ve got to get freaky, as they say here,” said lead singer David Boyd, who showcased his moves during the 5:05 performance.

It was apparent the band gets along well, as they joked with each other throughout the interview. DZL asked the group something people wouldn’t really know about them, and their answer is certainly one worth checking out.

The group was excited to get to watch other bands perform too. “It’s always inspiring for an upcoming band to see a lot of the established bands…to see their live shows and it makes you dream,” said Soren Hansen.

After interviewing with DZL, the group went to meet with some of their excited fans.

Something tells us this is only the beginning for the talented New Politics, and we can’t wait to see what their future has in store!